Recreating Keiter


Life can knock you down in a flash.  This is a story about getting back up

... with BASEBALL!


Through body image issues and relationships gone off the rails, RECREATING KEITER follows the story of Cindy Keiter as she struggles to find comfort in her own skin.


They say baseball is like life played out on a field.  Cindy channels her legendary sportscaster father,

Les Keiter, and electrifies her story by taking the audience to an imaginary all-star, all-time baseball game at Ebbets Field!


Babe Ruth once said, "It's hard to beat a person who never gives up."  Cindy Keiter is swinging for the fences!




NOTE: "Keiter" is pronounced like "kite-er" or "k-eye-ter."

Go fly a Keiter.

Photo credit: Jolene Siana @jolenesiana

a note about Les Keiter


Recreating Keiter is about Cindy's very raw, personal story, but it is told alongside a dramatized baseball recreation to honor the lost art of the baseball recreate as well as one of it's masters - Les Keiter.  Les is best remembered for his recreations of Giants games on WINS Radio in New York for the first 3 years after the team moved to San Francisco.


Photo credit:

Jolene Siana @jolenesiana